Good Cause
Terre des Hommes CORE Trust is created for the millions of children who suffer or die in silence and are free of any political, religious and ethnic bias.
Our mission
Work to ensure the rights of every child are fully respected. As long as children remain hungry, sick or in pain, wherever they may be Terre des Hommes CORE will intervene for their immediate and complete rescue.
Our Vision
Throughout India, the rights of survival, protection, development and participation.

Reception Home for Girls

A Reception Home is a place of safety for children recovered from various social vulnerabilities (child marriage, child beggary, child labour, child trafficking, abused children, missing children, runaways, etc.) under the age of 18 years. The home caters immediate comfort to children in need thanks to a good child-friendly environment which calm them after traumas.

In this case the shelter is temporary. This means a safe place where the child can stay shortly – usually maximum 2 months – until the legal situation of the child is clear and a good solution for the life of him/her is found.

Our Reception Homes are strictly linked with CWC (Child Welfare Committee). CWC is an Authority body with judicial power: they deeply investigate about the child situation during the period while the child is rescued in Reception Home, until when they will be able to decide the future of the child.

What happen to children when they leave Reception Homes?

After the period in Reception Home, the decision about the child situation made by CWC can be: the child come back to the family (if he/she has a family and the family can really be able to take care of the child, and if it is safe for the child to come back in the family) or, alternatively and in many cases, the child needs a safe home and good shelter to live. Our Children Homes are made for that purpose.

In other cases we find the way to help the child directly with the family (for example with our community projects).

List of services

Children Homes

Emergencies services

Skill Training Development

Mentally Challenged Children Schools

Special Activities like Yoga, karate, Music, Bharathanatyam, arts & craft.